About Us

We take pride in the fact that our team is comprised of people with different personalities and skill sets; however, one thing that is not compromised is the love and passion we have for the creative arts.

Doing photography and videography as a hobby at her church ministry back in college, Rebecca enjoyed capturing and sharing moments that went on in her life. After graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park in English, she worked at a Graphic Design Firm. To continue her love for design she teamed up with Angi and Euna to collaborate and start their business, C3 Media together. Rebecca's creativity + her strong drive really helps lead and collaborate as a whole team.

Angi has always had a knack for the creative arts. She graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art and worked in design at a Real Estate Firm as a designer. She also loved the art of Literature and wanted to continue her graduate studies in Literature at American University. She brings her passion and personality to team projects and leads the photography team within the business. Angi always talked about opening up a studio with Rebecca and Euna; low and behold that's how C3 came to existance.
The arts was an enjoyment for Euna while growing up and she hoped to study that in college. She switched from Graphic Design to pursue the study of Information Systems in her undergrad studies at UMBC. However, it wasn't long before she missed having the freedom of creativity so she combined her study of technology with design and continued her graduate studies in Human-Centered Computing. A true geek at heart, C3 Media has been nothing but a dream.


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Please email us if you have any inquiries at info@c3mediastudios.com